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Oasis Community Learning’s Success Story

In the dynamic landscape of the education sector, where the […]

Oasis Community Learning’s Success Story

In the dynamic landscape of the education sector, where the wellbeing of educators, staff and children is paramount, Oasis Community Learning stands out as a shining example of commitment and success.

Their journey with the Wellbeing Champion Programme has not only prioritised workplace wellbeing but has also set a benchmark for creating a healthier and more supportive organisational culture.

Oasis Community Learning’s Proactive Approach

Oasis Community Learning, an esteemed institution in the education sector, recognised the importance of developing a proactive approach to wellbeing. Partnering with BeReady, they embraced the Wellbeing Champion Programme to empower their staff members. This initiative aimed not only to enable employees to take charge of their wellbeing but also to contribute to a healthier workplace environment.

”Oasis is delighted to be working in partnership with the BeReady group to deliver a fantastic opportunity to our staff who wanted to pursue further study in mental health and wellbeing. The Wellbeing Champion Level 3 course is robust and relevant and will make a significant contribution to the life of our academies. The onboarding process could not have been easier and the communication from the BeReady team has made this an enjoyable experience. I highly recommend this organisation if you are looking to offer apprenticeships.”

 – Erin Docherty, National Mental Health Lead at Oasis Community Learning  


Motivations for Onboarding

When it came to onboarding onto the Wellbeing Champion Programme, Oasis team members had a variety of motivations driving their decision. Some were keen to advance within their careers, seeing this as an opportunity to develop leadership skills and make a positive impact on the institution. Others viewed it as a chance to upskill themselves, enhancing their ability to support colleagues and promote wellbeing initiatives. Whatever their motivations, it was clear that everyone shared a common goal – to create a healthier and more supportive work environment.

The key benefits of the Wellbeing Champion programme

Personal Growth

The programme encourages staff to support their colleagues’ wellbeing while growing personally, gaining skills applicable both inside and outside of work.

Professional Impact

Oasis champions influence a positive culture within their workplace by being a positive force for change leaving a lasting positive impact within your school.

Resilience Building

Learners develop skills to navigate stress and challenges effectively. They gain tools to support colleagues and students in overcoming diverse challenges.

Leading change

Learners have the opportunity to lead the way in promoting a culture of wellbeing within their school. Change and foster a supportive environment.

 Insights from Oasis Champions

The impact of the Wellbeing Champion Programme soon became evident throughout Oasis Community Learning. With staff members actively championing wellbeing initiatives, there was a noticeable shift in the opportunities and skills learners acquired. From implementing wellness challenges to organising mindfulness sessions, the programme sparked a wave of positive change that extended beyond individual participants. Moreover, it created a sense of unity and camaraderie among employees, strengthening bonds and enhancing collaboration.

As Oasis staff members started their journey through the programme, they encountered a range of learning experiences and growth opportunities. From masterclasses on mental health awareness to one-on-one sessions with mentors and skills coaches, participants gained valuable insights and practical skills that they could apply both personally and professionally.

I am so pleased I took the opportunity to join the Wellbeing Champion programme with BeReady in November 2022. Over the past year I have been afforded opportunities within my school that would not have come without this programme. I am now working closely with our Pastoral team and running a team of 20 pupils who have stepped us as class based wellbeing champions to look out for others! Thank you BeReady for all of the support.”

– Shaheen, Learning Assistant at Oasis Academy Hobmoor


The partnership with Oasis Community Learning has been instrumental in driving positive change within the organisation. By enabling employees to prioritise wellbeing and become advocates for health in the workplace, Oasis has not only enhanced individual growth but also helped in creating a healthier and more supportive organisational culture.


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