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Championing Wellbeing at Pye Green Academy: Tesco Award-Winning Sensory Garden Project

At Pye Green Academy, part of the Greenheart Learning Partnership, […]

Championing Wellbeing at Pye Green Academy: Tesco Award-Winning Sensory Garden Project

At Pye Green Academy, part of the Greenheart Learning Partnership, Tracy plays a crucial role in supporting students and the community. As a Pastoral Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA) and a learner on the Wellbeing Champion Programme, Tracy’s efforts have made a significant impact not only in her school but in the wider community as well.

Tracy’s dedication to wellbeing is truly inspiring. She joined the Wellbeing Champion Programme to help the school and families in new ways, like creating the sensory garden and running the Breakfast Club. Tracy’s efforts show how important it is to connect with others and support each other. She’s not just helping at school; Tracy also makes sure parents have help during tough times, like at Christmas. Her hard work and kindness make a big difference to the school and the local community.

Tracy’s Role

Tracy is a HLTA at Pye Green Academy, working with the pastoral and inclusion team, and her responsibilities are constantly expanding. Her job is to support students emotionally and socially. She manages the Rainbow Room, a space where students can talk, do crafts, or simply relax. Tracy helps children deal with stress and emotional issues, ensuring they have a safe place to go.


The Wellbeing Champion Programme

Tracy joined the programme to enhance her role and find new ways to support the school community. Through the programme, she gained valuable insights into fundraising and connecting with community resources. Tracy actively explored various projects and fundraising opportunities, identifying services in the wider community that could benefit both the school and local families. It was during this process that she developed the idea of creating a sensory garden.

Additionally, the programme facilitated Tracy in establishing vital connections with local businesses such as Morrisons and Asda, who generously support the school’s Breakfast Club and other community initiatives. Tracy also developed partnerships with local food banks and the council, leading to the establishment of a community fridge stocked with donations from Chadsmoor Cannock & District Foodbank. Through Tracy’s efforts, families facing food insecurity now have access to essential supplies.

The Tesco Community Fund winning Sensory Garden Project

One of Tracy’s major projects is creating a sensory garden at the school. The garden will be a quiet area with raised beds and benches where children can sit and relax. It’s designed to help students who need a calm space to self-regulate. The idea for the garden started with an unused piece of land by the playground. Tracy initiated the sensory garden project as part of the Wellbeing Champion Programme.

”We’ve got a space of land that’s not being used at the minute outside the school by the playground. So we decided to make a sensory garden, open the fencing up so the children could go in, sit down. It’s going to be a quiet area. There’s going to be raised beds there, benches just so they can sit and relax because we’ve got the children that need to self-regulate so they can just take themselves off in there.”


As part of the Wellbeing Champion Programme, Tracy initiated the sensory garden project. She saw a Facebook post from Tesco about community projects and applied for funding. She collaborated with the head teacher and the senior office staff to plan and list the needed items. They received initial funding from Tesco and are working to secure more to complete the project.

The Breakfast Club

As part of the Wellbeing Champion programme, The Breakfast Club, started by Tracy and her colleague, provides free breakfast to students, improving attendance and social skills. It began with six children and now serves over 50. Morrisons donates food items like bread, cereals, and spreads. Asda also contributed by providing initial funding for supplies. The club promotes life skills, with children helping themselves and tidying up after.

Tracy continues to seek new opportunities to support the school and community through our Wellbeing Champion programme. She plans to expand the sensory garden and secure additional funding. She’s also working on a project with the local council to survey the community’s needs, as well as aiming to establish a youth club that will be free for children to join.



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