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Boys’ Mental Health at Claremont School

This Men’s Mental Health Week, we’re focusing on a younger […]

Boys’ Mental Health at Claremont School

This Men’s Mental Health Week, we’re focusing on a younger but equally important age group.

Anselm plays a crucial role at Claremont School as Head of House and a dedicated Wellbeing Champion, focusing on supporting students’ mental health, particularly boys who often encounter unique challenges in discussing their wellbeing.

Known for his approachable nature and open-door policy, Anselm encourages students to confide in him about academic and personal concerns, including mental health issues. His efforts have created a safe space where students feel comfortable seeking help without fear of judgment.

As Head of House, Anselm oversees prefects who assist him in various responsibilities. One standout prefect has overcome various eating disorders and is unafraid to openly discuss his experiences, inspiring many other boys to share their own challenges. Wellbeing is a regular topic in the weekly House assemblies, where Anselm and the prefect lead discussions on issues traditionally associated with stigma, normalising these conversations among students.

In his role, overseeing pastoral care for the school, Anselm recognises the significance of male role models in supporting students’ emotional wellbeing, especially in a predominantly female teaching environment. His approach encourages boys to express their emotions openly and seek support when needed. This shift challenges cultural norms where boys are often expected to remain stoic.

Anselm’s training through the Wellbeing Champion programme has equipped him with skills such as effective signposting – guiding students to appropriate resources for help. This ensures that students receive the support they require.

Anselm’s dedication shows the positive impact educators can have beyond academic roles, fostering an environment where students prioritise their mental health and feel empowered to seek assistance when facing challenges.


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