Chartered Manager BSc (Hons)

A Chartered Manager is someone who can take responsibility for people, projects, operations and/or services to deliver long term organisational success, with the professional recognition of their ability to deliver impact, behave ethically and demonstrate their commitment to continual learning and development. The degree apprenticeship route means your employer and/or the government will pay your tuition fees whilst you continue in full-time employment.

Who is this course for?

This programme, designed in collaboration with the Chartered Management Institute (CMI), and regional and national employers, is for those looking to gain the knowledge and skills needed to become a confident management professional. You will learn: the principles that underpin core areas of business; ethical and sustainable business practices; entrepreneurship and business planning; skills such as project planning, team working and self-presentation.

Key facts


Chartered Manager BSc (Hons)

Programme duration

Part-time, 2-4 years

Mode of study

Work-based, predominantly online

Start dates

January 2021

Funding band


A modular example breakdown of the course is shown below, but exact modules and options may vary.

Course content

Principles of Marketing

You will receive an introduction to the theory and practice of marketing, an essential service to the long-term prosperity of organisations and businesses and apply these principles to real life situations.

Principles of Human Resource Management

You will learn about the important contribution of Human Resource Management policy and practice to employee and organisational success in the UK and internationally.

Principles of Accounting

This module gives you a theoretical and practical introduction to the basics of accounting, including how to prepare financial statements.

Digital and Business Skills

This module will introduce you to fundamental business and digital business skills, as well as to specific digital tools for; communications, professional profiles, and presentation skills. You will develop an understanding of digital skills for professional practice and digital collaboration.

Data Analysis for Business

In Data Analysis for Business, you will develop an understanding of the concepts required for the use and interpretation of the quantitative methods used to analyse business data. You will practice your essential Excel skills and learn to use Minitab, a statistical software package used by companies to spot trends, solve problems and use data to gain insight.

This module prepares you for entry to more advanced studies dealing with quantitative analysis in business and economics.

Management of Business Operations

This module introduces you to how organisations function in a global context.

Legal Aspects of Business

This module introduces you to the operation of global legal systems and the areas of law that underpin the practice of effective business management. You will develop a working knowledge of law relating to contracts and their effective negotiation in different business environments.

Professional Development

This module will enable you to plan and carry out appropriate professional development activities to increase your employability and performance. These include self-presentation, professional networking, project planning and implementation, team working, influencing and multimedia communication. You will gain all the necessary experience required to take advantage of global employment opportunities.

This innovative module was nominated for the Course and Curriculum Design award in the 2018 Guardian University Awards. One participant commented “It was thanks to this module that I gained a much better understanding of what employers are looking for and where I stand in comparison to that from the marks and feedback received… This proves to me I do have the experience and competencies sought after by employers. Realising this has really boosted my confidence.”

International Logistics and Distribution

This module will allow you to explore the principles and practice of logistics and operations management and their application within the contemporary business environment.

Business Research and Analysis Methods

Develop your understanding of the secondary sources available on researching and analysing business problems or opportunities and develop the knowledge and skills required to evaluate published business research and consultancy in relation to its methodology and findings.

Digital Workplace

An introduction to fundamental business and digital business skills as well as digital tools for; communications, professional profiles, and presentation skills.

Business Ethics and Sustainability

This module equips you with an appreciation and in-depth understanding of the implications of Business Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability within national and international organisations. This module will also develop your knowledge with respect to the importance of the balance between shareholders, stakeholders and the purpose and values of the organisation. It will explore the roles of social and technological innovation in global ethical organisations in order to prepare you for future employability.

Strategic Management

You will take an organisational perspective to explore strategy techniques and processes in the global environment. This module prepares you for a career in business and management and develops next generation managers. You will apply your knowledge and understanding of strategy to a variety of real-word organisations and use established analysis and enquiry techniques at the forefront of strategic research and practice.

In an agreement between Salford Business School and the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM), students who successfully complete the Strategic Management module, as well as the Professional Development module (studied in second year), can apply for the ILM level 6 award in Leadership and Management. With membership of the ILM for one year paid for by the Business School, you can access professional development resources and a network of peers through student membership of the ILM. It’s also a great way to enhance your CV.

Business Entrepreneurial Simulation Project

In this module, you will work as part of a team in an online business simulation. Acting as the management team in a competitive business environment, you will solve business problems and learn about the relationships between different areas of business. This module gives you a chance to test your entrepreneurship, business planning and your ability to manage change in an uncertain environment.

Global Purchasing and Supply Chain Management

This module gives you a systematic understanding of purchasing and supply chain management within a global marketplace. It is designed to help you understand the various activities that make up purchasing and supply chain and appreciate the use of the different methods adopted by companies to generate a competitive advantage.

Work Based Project

You will carry out a work based project based on your current workplace.

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