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If you’d like to give your employees the opportunity to advance their skills and knowledge by studying for a business-focused university degree while continuing to work full-time, BeReady is here to help.


We partner with leading universities to provide predominantly online courses designed to boost personal and business performance. These range from discipline-specific degrees in business-to-business sales, to management degrees and MBAs that help develop the leaders of the future.


These courses enable learners to study in the workplace and at home, furthering their career goals.


For employers they offer an excellent opportunity to improve business performance at zero cost, while also serving as a useful means of retention and reward.

Funded by the Apprenticeship Levy


All courses are funded by the Apprenticeship Levy, so there is no cost involved for the employer or learner. (If your business is not a levy payer, you can get government help that will cover 95% of the tuition fees and we can guide you through the process.)


The many benefits of these employer courses include:


  • No cost – fully funded via the Apprenticeship Levy
  • No added travel – your employees can study at work, at home or virtually anywhere using an innovative online platform
  • Relevant – course projects can be applied to your business sector, while pan-industry content allows your people and business to learn from other sectors
  • Immediately applicable – learning can be applied to the day-to-day work role

More about Apprenticeship Levy-funded training

The Apprenticeship Levy provides funding for training and development for any employee aged 16 to 65, from foundation courses through to MBAs, whether or not you as their employer pay the levy.

Research shows that over £2 billion of the Apprenticeship Levy is unspent. The main reason for this underspend is that employers simply aren’t aware of the opportunities available, either locally or further afield.

With a BeReady Apprenticeship Levy-funded programme, delivered through BeReady’s partnerships with leading UK universities, you can support current employees on their personal development journey.

You’ll enjoy access to an upskilled workforce when you need it, as well as being able to reward key staff and boost morale, staff retention levels and business performance.

Best business practice

Many of the challenges that your staff are presented with are faced by their peers across all sectors.

These courses therefore provide evidence-based learning content founded on research and learning from all industries. This enables your learners and your business to benefit from the broad experience of other sectors about universal subjects, such as people management, communication and finance.

The course covers both academic theory and practice so that these staff can quickly gain the professional knowledge, skills and behaviours required to be an effective and successful teacher.

Contextualised content immediately applicable

Alongside the theory, bespoke programmes have been developed by business experts who have a wealth of experience of working across different sectors.

With their expert guidance, course content can been made directly relevant and immediately applicable to your business setting. For busy professionals this is crucial. Through carefully tailored case studies, exercises and projects, new knowledge and skills can be put into immediate practice.

Senior Leader MBA

Find out more about this fully funded degree apprenticeship and how your business can benefit

Chartered Manager BSc

Find out more about this fully funded degree apprenticeship and how your business can benefit

B2B Sales Professional BSc

Contact us to find out more about this soon-to-be available fully funded degree apprenticeship.

I very much endorse employers, schools and universities forging ever-closer relationships. The fact that BeReady works with universities to promote and deliver apprenticeship levy-funded degree courses directly to employers and their staff is a really positive move. Ensuring that levy money is put to good use benefits both individuals and businesses.

Brian Lightman
Board member of the Careers and Enterprise Company and former General Secretary of ASCL (Association of School and College Leaders)

Academic partners include

Academic partners include