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What is Kickstart? – BeReady – Be Future Ready

Kickstart is the Government’s £2 billion scheme to help young people gain the experience they need to secure long-term work. Under-pressure schools can immediately access the scheme right now through BeReady to secure fully-funded support staff aged 16–24 on six-month work placements.


At BeReady we understand that Covid-19 has placed enormous extra workload on school staff and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.


That’s why we are working closely with the Department for Work & Pensions as an education-specific approved Kickstart gateway to provide fast, flexible, wrap-around support for schools through the scheme.



As a tailored-for-education Kickstart gateway we offer the best route to Kickstart-funded extra resource for schools, with these unique benefits:


  • Acclaimed online employability skills training – included for Kickstart staff to ensure full scheme compliance for your school.
  • Summer holiday scheme – enables your school to get Kickstart staff before September 2021.
  • Fast and easy – greatly reduce your workload for Kickstart applications, as we take away the hassle of dealing with the DWP and creating applications


Get the extra FREE resource you need, when you need it. To apply, call us on 020 7046 7082 or complete the contact form below.

Wrap-around support for schools that provides full compliance

  • Get extra staff when you need them, avoiding delays — Our summer holiday scheme means you can avoid DWP-enforced Kickstart start date delays to September 2021 that result from school summer holidays falling in the required six-month work placement period. For full scheme compliance your Kickstarters can simply continue to gain employability and life skills during the school holidays via our included online training.


  • Acclaimed employability skills training on our award-winning online platform — Each Kickstarter we place with you will benefit from our CPD accredited employability skills training on the BeReady online learning platform. This not only helps them perform better in their role with you, but also equips them for the future and, very importantly, means your school can easily meet scheme compliance with regard to training provision.


  • Complete transparency and audit of training funds — The Kickstart Scheme provides £1,500 of funding for each Kickstarter. This must be spent on the Kickstarter, providing employability skills and job training and/or equipment for those staff. Moreover, this spend must be audited. BeReady provides this required skills training, including a full record of each learner’s training activity and achievements, for £750, leaving your school with £750 per Kickstarter.


Zero cost to your school

BeReady can supply as many Kickstart-funded staff as you need. Each extra staff member taken under the Kickstart Scheme will be a six-month work placement for 25 hours per week. Those staff will receive the relevant National Minimum Wage and related contributions paid for by the scheme

Scheme details

Sample job roles for schools

Employability skills training

Kickstart FAQs: Helping you understand why BeReady Kickstart is the best route to fully-funded extra support staff for schools

Q. How is BeReady Kickstart different and what makes it the best Kickstart Scheme for schools?

A. We are specialists in the education sector so we understand schools’ needs. Critically, our summer holiday scheme means you can get Kickstart staff without delay because we include our acclaimed employability skills training for easy, time-saving scheme compliance. Added to this, we save schools significant time and workload by dealing with much of the application legwork.

Q. How many Kickstart-funded staff can my school apply for?

A. As many as you like, from a single extra member of staff upwards.

Q. Can people have multiple jobs while placed on the Kickstart Scheme, such as working part-time elsewhere in a supermarket?

A. Yes, as long as they are working 25 hours a week in their Kickstart job.

Q. Can there be a break period in a Kickstart six-month placement – for example, to allow for school holidays?

A. The DWP has confirmed that half-term and Easter holiday breaks in a placement are fine, but not a six-week break for the school summer holidays. However, the DWP has confirmed that some or all of the summer school holidays break in a placement can be filled with our world-class employability skills training, available 24/7 online on the BeReady platform. We call this our ‘summer holiday scheme’ and the DWP have confirmed that this solution allows schools to achieve full compliance with the terms of their Kickstart grant agreement.

Q. What is the BeReady summer holiday scheme and why it so important to schools applying for Kickstart funding?

A. Ordinarily, any school applying for Kickstart staff could be unsuccessful if the six-week school summer holidays fell within the Kickstarter’s six-month placement period. As a result, schools would only be able to access Kickstart-funded staff from September 2021. By applying through BeReady schools can overcome this barrier and get Kickstart-funded staff when they need them.

This is because your BeReady-supplied Kickstarters will be able to take our online, CPD accredited employability skills training during the summer holidays and be fully scheme compliant. Schools applying for Kickstart directly through the DWP or another gateway will not have the advantage of BeReady training being included in their Kickstart Scheme package and therefore won’t be accepted in such cases.

Q. How long can we have Kickstart-funded extra staff working in our school?

A. Each Kickstarter will be with on a six-month work placement. You can follow one six-month placement with further six-month placements, all funded by Kickstart. Each period will require a new Kickstarter and is a separate application through BeReady.

The last date a Kickstart placement can commence is currently 31 December 2021, but there has been talk about the scheme possibly being extended. We will keep all our Kickstart partner schools up to date with developments.

Following the six-month work placement, employers are free to offer the Kickstarter a full-time role should one be available, but this is not in any way a requirement of the Kickstart Scheme.

Q. What, currently, is the last date a Kickstart placement can commence?

A. The last date a Kickstart placement can commence is currently 31 December 2021. There has been talk of the scheme being extended because placements in some sectors have stalled because of lockdown.

Q. Is the end date of any Kickstart work placement moveable if we are not able to start placements imminently?

A. The end date of a placement is six months after your school chooses to start the Kickstart placement. If your school has put a vacancy start date of, say, 15 February, or ASAP, and the role is not started until, say, 1 March, then the end date for that placement is 1 September.

Q. How are the wages of these extra staff covered?

A. The government pays for the wages of all employees taken on through the Kickstart Scheme for 25 hours per week for six months (based on the National Minimum Wage for the employee’s age).

Q. What about National Insurance and pension contributions?

A. The government also covers the cost of employers’ National Insurance contributions and entry level pension contribution requirements.

Q. Will my school get any other funding from the Kickstart Scheme?

A. The government will fund employers with a grant of £1,500 for every employee taken on through the Kickstart Scheme. This funding has to be spent on the Kickstarter and is to cover the cost of onboarding, training, equipment, uniforms etc for the Kickstarter.

BeReady uses £750 of this figure to provide exceptional online employability and life skills training for every Kickstarter you take on. This training is CDP accredited and fully meets the Kickstart Scheme’s compliance criteria for training and learning outcomes. Your school receives the remaining £750 of funding per Kickstarter.

Q. Will my school have a chance to influence the job advertisement at the time of signing up to the Kickstart Scheme?

A. Yes, the DWP and the school will coordinate this before candidates are screened. If a job role template needs amending, you should tell us when you sign the contract and we can send you the job role template in Word format for you to amend before it is submitted to the DWP. The DWP will then speak to your school to expand on the job role template and get an understanding of the type of personalities that would match your school culture.

Q. What is my school applies for extra staff through Kickstart and then doesn’t need them?

A. The scheme is flexible. If, between applying for funding and getting approval to take on Kickstart-funded staff, it transpires that you do not need extra staff after all, you are under no obligation to take them.

Q. What happens if I want to add roles to my original bid?

A. Our list of job roles includes common roles suggested by all schools in our eco system wanting to engage in Kickstart and includes Covid testing and the option for a school to create its own job roles. If you are in receipt of a vacancy template and you want to either create your own role, add new roles to existing bids (many schools have done this since 4 January) or you feel you are missing a vacancy template for a specific role, please email us at kickstart@bereadygroup.org and we will manage this for you.

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