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Mental health awareness

Coming soon: our brand-new mental health awareness programme


We are currently busy building our innovative, online mental health awareness content to meet the needs of schools, colleges, universities and employers.

The programme has been written by hugely knowledgeable mental health professionals with many years’ experience as both clinicians and academics.


To be amongst the first to implement this upcoming programme, please register your interest now using the contact form below.

Essential support in uncertain times

Mind, the mental health charity, has reported that nearly one in five young people experiencing a mental health problem has dropped out of education due to the stigma they experienced as a result of their mental health problem.

In the wider community, mental health services are inundated with requests from individuals for support and information.

This situation is now being exacerbated by economic, social and other pressures brought about by the coronavirus pandemic.

A practical solution to increasing pressures

Against this backdrop, and with mental health issues now more being acknowledged and discussed more openly than ever before, educators and employers need to find a way to enhance the level of mental health support they provide.

The BeReady mental health awareness programme will meet that need by delivering essential, focused information and appropriate, practical self-help via the most efficient channels.

Almost 1 in 5 adults were experiencing some form of depression during the pandemic, almost doubling from around 1 in 10 before the pandemic.

Tim Vizard
Principal Research Officer, Office for National Statistics

NESi (National Employability Skills Initiative) mission

Academic partners include

Academic partners include